How Much Do Flight Attendants Make? What To Become What To Become (2022)

Even though the aviation industry took a big hit following the pandemic, flight attendant remains one of the most sought-after jobs. Being a flight attendant can be exciting. These professionals get to travel all around the world and enjoy numerous benefits like bonuses, free meals and accommodation, and the opportunity to see the world.

So, How much do flight attendants make? Understanding the salary expectations for this job can help you determine whether it compensates for the associated challenges. For example, it comes with great responsibility, as flight attendants need to keep passengers safe, secure, and comfortable during flight.

We gathered information regarding the national average salary of flight attendants and provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this promising career.

What’s the Average Salary of Flight Attendants?

How much do flight attendants make a year?

The annual average salary of flight attendants is $59,050 per year, more than the national average salary for all occupations. Besides the base salary, flight attendants get allowances to cover their meals and hotel expenditures while traveling.

Other benefits can include free travel or upgrades. According to BLS estimates, there are 102,500 flight attendant jobs, and the job demand is projected to increase by 30% through 2030.



How much do flight attendants make per hour?

The hourly wage depends on numerous factors, including education, experience, certifications, and additional skills. Additionally, not all airlines offer the same salary. The average hourly wage in the US is estimated at $38, but it typically falls between $31 and $47. The top earners in the profession make on average $56 per hour, whereas the bottom 10% make around $24 per hour.


How much do flight attendants make a week?

Based on the average annual salary, flight attendants make $1,153 a week. According to the data provided by ZipRecruiter, weekly flight attendant wages can go as low as $394 and as high as $3,462.

That said, the majority of flight attendants in the US make between $721 and $1,192 a week. The average weekly pay ranges by $471, suggesting numerous opportunities for increased pay based on performance and experience.


How much do flight attendants make a month?

The average monthly salary of flight attendants is estimated at $4,998. That said, at a top-earning level, flight attendants can make as much as $15,000 and as low as $1,708 a month.

The majority of salaries vary between $3,125 and $5,167 a month. The average pay varies by $2,042, which means there are many career advancement opportunities and salary increases based on experience, skills, and location.


What is a flight attendant’s starting salary?

PayScale reports that the average hourly wage for entry-level flight attendants is $20.06. The lowest 10% earn $14.56, whereas top-earners at the same position make $29.42.

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Total annual pay can range between $27,000 and $62,000, depending on individual performance, location, and company. Bonuses can also make a significant difference in the flight attendant’s pay. The average bonus range for this position is between $2,000 and $5,000.


How do the average salaries for flight attendants scale by seniority?

Seniority is one of the main factors that determine the salary flight attendants make. The longer flight attendants are employed, the more likely it is they will be given more responsibilities like scheduling, overseeing other flight attendants, and recruiting. The salary goes up with seniority level, so more senior flight attendants earn, on average, $40,268, with the top earners taking home $78,000.


How much money do flight attendants make in the highest-paying state?

Oregon has the highest average flight attendant wage at $80,410, which is nearly $21,500 more than the national average for the profession. In Washington, flight attendants make $77,450, in Pennsylvania, $68,410, and in Arizona, $65,680. Florida, Massachusetts, and Indiana also have flight attendant salaries that are higher than the national average.

Interestingly, Connecticut doesn’t have recent data about the average flight attendant wage, but as of 2017, it had the highest pay rate for flight attendants, at $85,630.


How much do stewardesses get paid with international airlines?

International airlines are some of the biggest flight companies in the world, and as such, potentially pay their flight attendants more. Emirates Airlines is one of the top-paying international airlines. Flight attendants working for the largest airline headquartered in the United Arab Emirates make between $36,000 and $53,000. Furthermore, Qatar Airways pays flight attendants between $23,000 and $42,800, whereas Etihad Airways pays between $25,000 and $32,000.

(World Scholarship Forum)

How much does an AA flight attendant make?

A first-year flight attendant at American Airlines has an average base salary of $27,000, which is the highest starting salary in the industry. There are a lot of opportunities to earn by working more trips. According to some estimates, more experienced flight attendants in this company can earn an average income of $43,460 per year.

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Additionally, AA offers a lot of options for internal growth and additional perks like travel privileges for both the flight attendant and their family, well-being programs, a 401k program, health benefits, and more.

(Explore American, World Scholarship Forum)

Which airline has the highest-paid flight attendants?

With an average salary of $51,077, Southwest Airlines has the highest-paid flight attendants. Broken down to hourly payment, they make on average $28 per hour. The company was established in 1967 and is one of the largest low-cost carriers worldwide. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines operates in 121 destinations across the US and ten globally.

(Indeed, Glassdoor)

What’s the flight attendant hourly pay at Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a popular US low-cost carrier. Based in Miramar, Florida, it operates in the US, Caribbean, and Latin America. The company doesn’t pay its flight attendants as much as other, bigger airlines. The average hourly wage is $22 per hour, but wages can go as low as $8 and as high as $55.


What’s the hourly flight attendant salary at JetBlue?

JetBlue Airways, the seventh-largest airline in the US, is located in New York and has offices in Florida and Utah. It operates more than 1,000 flights daily across the US and also to the Caribbean and Europe. An average hourly wage for flight attendants is $26, but typically, crew members make between $21 and $32 per hour. The salary can go as low as $4 and as high as $77 per hour, depending on experience and seniority level.


Working at Delta Airlines: How much do flight attendants make?

Delta Airlines, one of the world’s oldest airlines in operation, pays flight attendants on average $44,848 a year. That said, top earners make $98,000, whereas low-scale earners make $14,000. Delta is among the biggest SU carriers which operate more than 5,000 flights daily. Beyond offering a competitive salary, Delta offers good health insurance and 401k matching.



Working at United Airlines: How much do flight attendants make?

United Airlines is also among the airline companies with the highest-paid flight attendants, offering an average salary of $47,076. Salaries can go as low as $14,000 and as high as $102,000, and the company is one of the biggest airlines worldwide. Located in Chicago, Illinois, it has eight hubs and operates both domestic and international flights.


Charter flights: What’s the average pay for flight attendants?

Mapping out the charter flight attendant earnings is hard because they mostly work on their own contracts and salary information isn’t made available. Based on some reports, earnings for charter attendants can range anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000, depending on the experience and company. The paycheck also depends on whether the attendant is working with charter companies or with private clients only.

(Beyond and Above)

What is a corporate stewardess’ salary?

A corporate or business class flight attendant works on non-commercial, private aircrafts. Generally, corporate flight attendants are paid more than commercial and, in the words of one corporate stewardess, flying one day can make you between $450 and $650. According to Payscale, the average salary sits at $60,073, with top earners making $88,000.

(Flight Attendant Life, Payscale)

Scheduled air transportation: What’s the average flight attendant salary?

Scheduled Air Transportation is the regular airline transportation of people, cargo, or property. It offers more regular hours and a predictable schedule for those that want a more routine job. It’s the top industry in which flight attendants work and offers an average wage of $59,220 per year. The average salary in the Nonscheduled Air Transportation industry, which includes charter service and helicopter services, is $57,320.


Gender gap: What’s the average male flight attendant salary?

Even though flight attendant continues to be a female-dominated profession, the wage gap persists. About 74.6% of flight attendants in the US are women and 21.6% are men. Still, women earn $0.94 for every dollar men make. According to Zippia’s research, if men made $39,064, women made on average $36,618. Some reports point to the gendered nature of work as an explanation for this disparity, stating that men often fill more technical roles in the profession, leading to higher pay.

(Zippia) (Eurekalert)

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Do flight attendants make good money?

Being a flight attendant comes with big responsibilities and a bigger paycheck. They make, on average, $59,050, which is higher than what the average worker in the US makes. More specifically, the average earnings of flight attendants are $6,894 higher than the average American worker. The position is very appealing, especially for young people, as it is quite adventurous and flexible.

In Conclusion: How Much Do Flight Attendants Make?

Being a flight attendant is a demanding job that comes with a challenging schedule and a lot of responsibility. That being said, it can be incredibly rewarding, offering travel, adventure, and higher than average salaries.

Wages greatly depend on experience, seniority, location, and airline. The position comes with many perks like free or discounted flights, expense reimbursement, insurance and 401k, and more.Sources: BLS, BLS, ZipRecruiter, ZipRecruiter,, Payscale, Explore American, World Scholarship Forum, Glassdoor, Glassdoor, Glassdoor, Glassdoor, Forbes, Indeed, Indeed, Indeed, Beyond and Above, Flight Attendant Life, Payscale, Zippia, Eurekalert.


What do flight attendants earn? ›

The median annual salary for a flight attendant as of September 2022 was $80,731. The top 90% of flight attendants make over $117,000 per year, and the lowest 10% make about $50,000 per year. Bonus Offer: Open a new Citi Priority Account by 1/9/23 and earn up to a $2,000 cash bonus after completing required activities.

What qualifications do I need to be a flight attendant? ›

You'll need:
  • customer service skills for working with passengers.
  • excellent verbal communication skills.
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
  • to enjoy working with other people.
  • knowledge of public safety and security.
  • the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.

What is the best answer for why do you want to be a flight attendant? ›

Example: “I'm confident I will be a good flight attendant because of my people skills, professionalism, ability to remain calm during a crisis, and my focus on providing great customer experiences.

What GCSE do you need to become a flight attendant? ›

What qualifications do you need to be a Flight Attendant? It can be a lot of studying to become a Flight Attendant, but it's worth it. To start, most airlines require a minimum of four GCSEs (A-C) including English and maths, and applicants who speak a foreign language will be at an advantage.

Is flight attendant School Hard? ›

But the training is hard. As in, really hard. Training can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks, 11 hours a day with just one day rest a week. Written exams every day, practical exams, long days spent in the classroom and aircraft cabin mock-ups, it's pretty fast-paced and relentless.

How old do flight attendants have to be? ›

Flight attendants typically need a high school diploma or the equivalent and work experience in customer service. Applicants must meet minimum age requirements, typically 18 or 21; be eligible to work in the United States; have a valid passport; and pass a background check and drug test.

Do you need to study to become a flight attendant? ›

A National Senior Certificate with English and Maths is typically the minimum educational requirement for becoming a flight attendant. However, some airlines prefer to hire applicants who have further education or previous work experience in customer service.

How long is flight attendant school? ›

New flight attendants typically receive paid training after being hired by an airline, but flight attendant training schools do exist and some choose to pay for their own training before seeking a job. Training programs can take up to eight weeks to complete.

What degree is best for a flight attendant? ›

Education. Flight attendants must have at least a high school diploma and preferably an associate's or bachelor's degree. Instead of going to college, some people enroll in flight attendant school. If you want to work on international flights, you might need to take foreign language classes.

What is the best answer to tell me about yourself? ›

A simple formula for answering “Tell me about yourself”

Present: Talk a little bit about what your current role is, the scope of it, and perhaps a big recent accomplishment. Past: Tell the interviewer how you got there and/or mention previous experience that's relevant to the job and company you're applying for.

What makes you a good fit for this job flight attendant? ›

“There are many qualities that make someone a good flight attendant. The top three are customer service, teamwork, and professionalism. Our primary job is to make sure the passenger has a good experience. Everything you do on a flight involves at least two, if not more team members.

Why do you want this job? ›

'I see the role as a way of developing my career in a forward-thinking/well-established company/industry as…' 'I feel I will succeed in the role because I have experience in/softs skills that demonstrate/ I've taken this course…' 'I believe my skills are well-suited to this job because…”

Can flight attendants have tattoos? ›

Generally, flight attendants are not allowed to have any visible tattoos in uniform, though it can depend on the airline. Some airlines will allow their flight attendants to have tattoos in areas that are visible while in uniform, as long as they can be covered, including through the use of makeup.

How tall are flight attendants? ›

All United flight attendants must be at least 21 years old at the time of application and have a valid passport. Height-wise, attendants should be between 5'2” and 6'3” without shoes. They do not allow facial piercings or visible tattoos – even if concealed.

What hard skills do you need to be a flight attendant? ›

Key skills for air cabin crew
  • Good communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to remain calm in emergencies or when dealing with difficult passengers.
  • Diplomacy and tact.
  • Good colour vision and hearing.
  • Good general health and fitness – many airlines require cabin staff to be able to swim at least 25m.

Why do flight attendants wear heels? ›

Airlines that require flight attendants to wear heels while in uniform do it in order to preserve a specific image of a flight attendant they are trying to achieve. The downside of this policy is that often time flight attendants have to walk very long distances in the airport to get to their flight.

Can you be shy and be a flight attendant? ›

The answer is yes. Everyone deserves to be given a chance when it comes it their dreams, don't we? Being an introverted flight attendant is possible as long as you're ready to talk to people whether you feel like it or not, and if you're willing to work for hours while enduring the sudden crave for a quiet alone time.

Can I be a flight attendant if I can't swim? ›

Airlines do not require flight attendants to be strong swimmers. Some airlines will require different things but typically you need to be able to swim 20 meters, be confident in water, be able to swim without a flotation device, and be able to tread water for a short period of time.

Do flight attendants know your age? ›

Most attendants are not only aware that it's your birthday but also what age you're turning, too. For instance, The Sun says that JetBlue attendants are equipped with a tablet showing the layout of the plane and details of each passenger.

Do flight attendants watch kids? ›

program, however, is not a babysitting service. American Airlines says as much on its website: “Our flight attendants will check on your child as duties allow, but they can't continuously monitor your child throughout the flight.”

Do flight attendants age slower? ›

Or do they age more quickly, since they're subject to less gravity? Scientists have done the math, and it turns out that frequent fliers actually age the tiniest bit more quickly than people with both feet on the ground. But not to worry, the difference is so small, you don't have to worry about extra wrinkles.

How many hours do flight attendants work weekly? ›

Most attendants are usually limited to working 12 hours shifts but some are allowed to work 14 hour shifts. Those working on international flights are usually permitted to work longer shifts. Attendants usually spend 65-90 hours in the air and 50 hours preparing planes for passengers monthly.

Is flight attendant training paid? ›

Flight attendant trainees receive training pay of $1,500 (less applicable taxes) in two installments. The first half is paid during the first/second pay period of the month, depending on training start date.

Where do flight attendants live? ›

Many flight attendants live together in large apartments or houses called "crash pads" located very close to the airport in the particular city where their airline's regional hub is located.

How often do flight attendants get to go home? ›

The number of days a flight attendant gets to go home depends on their contract, the airline, and type of operation. Some flight attendants almost live in hotels and have “a life outside of work” of less than 10 days a month, while others go to work and come home every night like anybody else.

Is flight attendant training 7 days a week? ›

Most courses run six days a week, and sometimes for 12 hours a day. Schedules like these are common for working flight attendants, so their training is designed to get them adjusted to their new life early on.

Can 5 feet be a flight attendant? ›

So to all our aspiring cabin crew, research is very important. While there are airlines who require a minimum height of 5'3″ for females and 5'5″ for males, there are some who require minimum arm reach in place of minimum height.

Is 5 okay for flight attendant? ›

Airlines also do an arm-reach test with an average reach of 212 cm. Most airlines like PAL, AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, flight attendants must be between 5'3 inches for the girls and 5'6 for the guys with a weight proportional to your height.

Do flight attendants get free flights? ›

While being a flight attendant isn't the highest-paying job, you're almost always guaranteed to fly for free. Flight attendants can ride in coach for free or fly with a companion for about 90 percent off plus tax and fees on international flights. Additionally, you'll receive benefits, like health and dental insurance.

Why should we hire you answer best? ›

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results. You never know what other candidates offer to the company. But you know you: emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are fundamental to getting great things done on this position.

What is your weakness best answer? ›

Answer “what is your greatest weakness” by choosing a skill that is not essential to the job you're applying to and by stressing exactly how you're practically addressing your weakness. Some skills that you can use as weaknesses include impatience, multitasking, self-criticism, and procrastination.

What questions do they ask during interview? ›

50+ most common job interview questions
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Walk me through your resume.
  • How did you hear about this position?
  • Why do you want to work at this company?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What can you bring to the company?
  • What are your greatest strengths?
2 Sept 2022

How do I pass a flight attendant interview? ›

Here are 11 tips to help you have a successful flight attendant interview:
  1. Keep your resume updated. ...
  2. Find a clean, quiet room for video interviews. ...
  3. Dress appropriately. ...
  4. Check your social media. ...
  5. Practice interviewing. ...
  6. Arrive early. ...
  7. Stay organized. ...
  8. Be friendly.

How can I introduce myself during interview? ›

Step forward and introduce yourself with your full name, interview time and job title of the role you're interviewing for. This can be quick and simple, such as, “Hi, my name is Sam Taylor. I'm here for a 12 p.m. job interview for the program manager role.”

Can you tell me about yourself sample answer? ›

I've worked hard in my education and now I'm ready to apply my knowledge into practice. While I don't have any real-life work experience, I've had a lot of exposure to the business environment. A lot of my courses involved working with real companies to solve real problems.

What can you bring to the company? ›

your enthusiasm for the profession and the employer and your desire to make your mark. your personal qualities, such as your drive and willingness to learn. the skills the employer seeks and how you have demonstrated them in the past – your answer should show why you would be competent in the job.

Do flight attendants make good money? ›

Flight attendants make an average annual wage of $62,680, according to May 2021 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pay saw about a 10% bump from pre-pandemic levels. In May 2019, the BLS reported an average national wage of $56,230.

Which airline has the highest paid flight attendants? ›

Which Airlines Pay Flight Attendants the Most?
Average Annual PayAdditional Annual Pay
American Airlines$43,460$2,825
Delta Airlines$40,236$6,400
Southwest Airlines$42,000$4,800
United Airlines$44,219$5,200
6 more rows

Do flight attendants make a good living? ›

How Much Does a Flight Attendant Make? Flight Attendants made a median salary of $59,050 in 2020. The best-paid 25 percent made $71,550 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $43,080.

How much do Irish cabin crew earn? ›

Cabin Crew Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Aer Lingus Cabin Crew salaries - 50 salaries reported€32,477/yr
Ryanair Cabin Crew salaries - 10 salaries reported€1,575/mo
Ryanair DAC Cabin Crew salaries - 7 salaries reported€1,700/mo
Stobart Air Cabin Crew salaries - 5 salaries reported€24,049/yr
16 more rows

How long is flight attendant school? ›

The flight attendant training course takes 10 weeks to complete. Most students have already begun interviewing with airlines by the time they graduate and some even have job offers. Each persons experience will be different so keep that in mind.

How much time do flight attendants get off? ›

How Many Days Off Do Flight Attendants Get a Month? While most people only get to enjoy their weekends off, which means they only get 8 days off a month, flight attendants get to enjoy between 12 and 18 days off a month.

What is the hardest part about being a flight attendant? ›

What Are The Hardest Parts Of A Flight Attendant's Job?
  • Recruitment process. It is very hard to get a job as a flight attendant. ...
  • Training days. The training is very tough and intense but, if you make it through, it's the best learning experience and you will gain lifelong skills. ...
  • Lifestyle. ...
  • Salary. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Career change.
8 Jul 2022

What is the hardest airline to get a job with? ›

For aspiring flight attendants, Delta Air Lines, ranked by its employees as one of the best places to work, is also one of the most difficult places to get a job.

Do flight attendants get paid before take off? ›

And it's a big deal. “Traditionally, neither pilots nor flight attendants are paid until the doors of the plane are closed and the brakes are released,” said Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst at Atmosphere Research Group. “And that pay only lasts until the plane arrives at the gate.”

How many days do flight attendants work a week? ›

Typically, flight attendants work 12-14 days and log 65-85 flight hours each month, not including overtime. Flight attendant schedules can change month-to-month and some attendants may work more weeks than others.

Do flight attendants get breaks? ›

Flight attendants get breaks on long-haul flights to recharge and stay energized. They have their own bedrooms in which to take power naps. These bedrooms are hidden from passengers. They can be tucked behind a secret stairway or even accessed through a hatch that looks like a typical overhead bin.

Do flight attendants have a weight limit? ›

Flight Attendant Weight Requirements

There aren't specific weight requirements for Flight Attendants – many airlines will check to see that the prospective Cabin Crew are in proportion, they look a healthy weight and that they will be able to fit in the Cabin Crew Uniform.

Can flight attendants have boyfriend? ›

Due to the nature of the job it is totally possible! And whilst some people may want that, the majority of Flight Attendants are just like anybody else, and all they want is to meet their soulmate, their other half – someone to share their life with and have a loving, honest relationship.

Who is the highest paid cabin crew? ›

Highest salary that a Cabin Crew can earn is ₹12.0 Lakhs per year (₹1.0L per month). How does Cabin Crew Salary in India change with experience? An Entry Level Cabin Crew with less than three years of experience earns an average salary of ₹4.9 Lakhs per year.

Can I be a part time flight attendant? ›

Short-haul flights may provide more regular hours than long haul. You may sometimes have to work or be flexible on your days off if your return journey is cancelled or delayed, but you'll be compensated in these cases. Part-time opportunities are available, still involving unsocial hours.

How much is a flight attendant paid per month? ›

As of Sep 22, 2022, the average monthly pay for a Flight Attendant in the United States is $6,439 a month.


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